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In just 15 minutes, I regained energy, my brain was alert again, and I started working with a good speed till late at night, with temperature going back to normal. I also used to have insomnia and sleep disorder for a few years. I was sentenced to have only three months to live and the people around me were all disappointed when I tried this and simply got cured. Please email me as soon as you can with directions on how to have fixed as soon as possible. Thanks to God, for leading me to you and the Ultimate Zapper, I have my life back!In just one month after using the UZ, I was cleared of Lyme Disease!I didn't realize how tired I was, until I started to feel good again.I can actually stay up late, and catch up with a nap the next day, and not have to "pay" for it for the rest of the week!This is the only zapper website in the world with an archive updated regularly documenting the unsolicited success stories of satisfied customers since 1996.The index now comprises 25 categories with 1000 testimonials that are indexed and numbered.I live in an area that is overwhelmed with Lyme disease so it has been for those who are willing to try it a blessing. despite 15 years of the most intense research into both western and eastern medicine with the obsessive tenacity of a diagnosed asperger savant the diets and supplements hardly made a dent and i was an invalid so fatigued that taking a shower was analagous to climbing everest ... to save peoples lives im sure must be a feeling that is incredible. I have been limiting all the sugar intake for the last two years, yet, so much of what we eat is converted into sugar. Ken, I am flying to Tokyo on Dec 26 for just over two weeks. When I bought it, I promised to myself that, when I get rid of my virus, I will go to my family and friends to talk and demonstrate. It has created so many healing miracles I cannot even begin to count ... I don't take any anti-cancer drugs as I was told they have only harms and no benefits at hospital. I woke up to my new puppy chewed the wire on one side of it. I've been wanting to email you for a while, but I haven't had much time to get on the computer.when i received your machine after a week it was like waking up from a 15 year Mengele torture experiment and i cried from happiness for days ... So, twice in the past week, when I felt a little bit of temperature, tiredness and sleepiness coming back about an hour after I had a small baked organic purple potato in the mid afternoon, I zapped 3 extra minutes (in addition to 4 minutes in the morning). Just less than a month ago, I did not think I would ever get on an airplane. I tried herbal treatment according to Hulda Clark's "cancer = virus theory", taking Chinese medicinal herbs for three months, whose name I forgot. From fasting to fucoidan, believe me, I tried everything. I've found the final thing that is guaranteed to stop recurrence. It need to know where to mail it to have it fixed fast. I am treating it for Lyme disease and it has saved my life. I'm writing to thank you for the WONDERFUL little machine you built.

In these cases, their testimonials are posted under the relevant categories.In this way, I have made it easy for people to access relevant information without having to sift through mountains testimonials. There are many Electroporation Testimonials in The Archive.There are many, many QE2 testimonials in The Archive. I have also posted some to the Electroporation Page.I also used a Rife machine one time at the beginning of my treatment.I really believe, however, it was the Ultimate Zapper that did it for me!

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