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He had similar features, the way his bone structure was.He too had dark hair with dark eyes, but, unlike her husband, he was clean shaven and well groomed. ” “Deal.” --------- The day went by slowly and finally it ended.She wanted revenge on her husband and wasn’t sure what to do. She is very attractive with big breasts and a flat belly.Adele is a forty-year-old woman, with womanly needs. She walked down the stairs, seeing her husband had already left for work.

“Now.” She took her husband and made him sit on the bed.

Kyle watched as his wife’s lingerie fall to the floor and a man he didn’t know touching her up. He stepped forward in front of Kyle, holding the back of Kyle’s head hi shoved his cock into Kyle’s mouth.

Brian turned Adele around, pulling her close and kissing her passionately. Adele got to her knees, licking the tip of Brian’s cock before taking deep into her mouth. Kyle wasn’t sure what to do with himself, choosing to obey what he was told and suck on his wife’s friend’s cock.

Her hands fumbled with Brian’s trousers, dropping them and his boxers to the floor. Brian looked disappointed, “he has no idea how to suck cock, I guess it would be better if you sucked me.” Adele looked at her husband in disgust.

Her hand wrapped around his hard-on, stroking his hardness, making him groan. “Useless git, you don’t want to fuck me, and when I bring a guy around to look after me like you can’t, you can’t even suck him off for me.” Adele got to her knees, taking Brian into her mouth.

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