Ya bro sex chat

"Oh fuck you dirty slut, suck my dick good." "Ohhhh yeah Stef, take Uncle's cock.Yeaaah boy, take it good." "MMmm boy." "Oh fuck yeah you little bitch, oh yeah." I felt like a prized possession.He had medium length brown hair and his eyes were dark and sultry.He had rough hands like daddy and an equally large dick. He had a sexy tribal full-sleeve tattoo on his left arm and his right pec bore an italian flag tat. I loved daddy's mustache but Uncle Tony's boyish good looks suited him. He's 6 foot tall and has broad muscular shoulders, backed by the an impressive pair of biceps.

Daddy stood up and placed himself in front of me, his cock at perfect view."Stiffing a smoke off ya, bro." Daddy said and lit one of Tony's cigarettes.It looked flimsy in his hands but his thick fingers curled manly around it. Having Uncle Tony's thick shaft in me again got me excited.I couldn't moan since my mouth was busy pleasuring my daddy's dick.He could last forever and loved it when I bobbed up and down on his cock.

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