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so MIla contacted me and says the hardcore rumors are not true. I dont know why the person who tips me the info either got the info wrong or lied to me. So Milla dose not have the reason to go to the b/g world.thanks for the attention, here is my take on this. Sapphira A popped up on today, the sister site of x-art where the girls always do bg. Personally i think the chances are good that the guy was right, but i'm happy to wait and see.

So apparently the person who gave me the info is wrong. I'm sorry about thati'm a fucking prophet !! I have been on vacation and will be for another 2 weeks so news and info is coming slowxxxxxxxxx Remember the Viola Baileys rumor, the lucie wilde pregnancy, and some legal porno scenes comments before they happened as well as the hitomi lily madison rumor.. For all of you 'artsies', Boobsrealm did NOT say it was absolutely going to happen, was only a rumour.

BUT i don't think that is even the case, it seems to be just a legit link.

They probably copy pasted it when they were on the pay site and the pay sites would maybe use refer..

:)I just took a longer look at the list of links and realized that someone is using indexxx to make money.Note the ones that have a URL beginning with refer.Are there any rules regarding spamming referral links on indexxx?You don't mean the links with the word TRACK in them do you?xxxxxxxx Eitherway Mila is far from overexposing especially when even her solo softcore videos are not frequently releasing nor piling up.The more videos she makes, then the more audience will live under her fantasy 24/7.

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