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REPORTER: So tell me a little bit about this particular woman. Mike has infiltrated a group of online paedophiles, and the mothers believe he is one of them. " REPORTER: Oh my God - "you can play with them if that makes you happy." MIKE: But I want her to specify exactly what that means.MIKE: She has five children, they look like they're between five and 10 years old. MIKE: She knows I'm coming to the Philippines and she wants to meet with me so I can have sex with her kids. We're not playing checkers here - if I meet her I'm paying to have sex with her kids or to sexually abuse them.This case is one of 64 that his team is currently working on involving child sexual exploitation in the Philippines.

I mean some of these guys ask for the most horrendous abuse of these kids.

Filipino kids as young as 7 are being sexually abused by their parents and sold for sex to paedophiles from the West.

We follow an undercover team trying to infiltrate this murky world and stop the abuse of children.

, reporter Stacey Dooley follows a team made up of local authorities and investigators from the United States, as they try to take down families who are illegally offering sexual acts with their children in return for money.

Many of these families are selling their children’s bodies as a response to impoverishment – almost a quarter of Filipinos are living in poverty, according to government statistics.

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