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Senior Circle is transitioning from a national organization with local affiliated chapters to programs managed locally – most of them free!

The national Senior Circle Association will be phased out as of December 31.

In most communities, this means a transition to a local resource. The local hospitals that sponsor Senior Circle remain committed to helping you and other seniors in your community be healthy, active and lifelong learners.

Stay tuned to hear more from your local hospital about their future local Senior Circle program.

We appreciate your involvement in Senior Circle and your ongoing support of your local sponsoring hospital.

Their goal will continue to be helping you take charge of your health.

Each shape design could be produced in multiple sizes.

For example the photo to the right shows the Rookwood trademark with 8 flames indicating this vase was produced in 1894.

Beginning in 1901, the company stopped adding flames to the logo and started using roman numerals below the fourteen flame trademark to date the pottery.

Rather than just responding to collector’s emails I am going to try answer more of these questions in blog posts.

This morning a new Rookwood pottery collector emailed asking for an explanation of the various marks on the bottom of his vase.

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