Wpf selectedvalue not updating

Metro/blob/master/docs/v1.0We’re nearly ready to release version 1.0 of Mah Apps. There are no known breaking changes in this release, but we had to deprecate some things, particularly around the titlebar overlay behavior.Please note that everything that is know deprecated will be removed in the 1.0 release, so you should prepare your applications soon.For Share Point Form Field controls, this property is “Value”. NET controls can be used, assuming that the property Name and event Name are properly set.Bound Control Event (“event Name”) This the event on the bound control that you want to be handled when the form posts information back to the server.aspdotnet-suresh offers C#articles and tutorials,csharp dot net,articles and tutorials, VB.

Not surprisingly, no one could answer the question.

Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog()); // create and show custom dialog with own settings await this.

Show Metro Dialog Async(new Custom Base Metro Dialog(this.metro Dialog Settings)); // or await this.

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Operation Type (“op”) This is the type of operation that will be used when the form is submitted.

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