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New features in Version 36--September 13, 2017 Alex_SPR: Sounds like you might have gotten lucky and picked it up during a time when Origin was actually giving out properly updated copies.Hang onto that properly updated copy with all your might, and back it up.I saw a few posts where others had an issue, but in my experience...I just installed SC4 Deluxe Steam version on a Win10 64-bit PC and this mod installed, and performs, perfectly.They aren't installed by default, however, so you'll need to go into Custom Installation to select them.I would like to use newer NAM than I've installed some years ago (I gues NAM32 or so).Maybe that's causing a bit of trouble for some people. I would like to test if elevated rail in avenue zones differently, however I have seen no Elevated rail in avenue station.Thank you all for your continued support of this fantastic mod! Can you please lead me to an Elevated rail in avenue station. Thank you Good mod, but it's not compatible with the "light replacement mod".

Corrupt file would be a sign of an issue with either your connection or our server, not the NAM itself.

So my question is: Is there a way to get Euro textures for any road systems (regular roads, SAM, NWM, RHW) running together with NAM36? :-)I am just getting back into SC4 and it is my first time using this mod. I am having a lot of fun with the new transit systems as well as RHW.

I was wondering if I could have tips on what mods that I should get next, such as better utilities or schools or something, as well as maybe a cool texture mod. burmi79: The NAM includes Euro textures and has since NAM 31, when we went to the "monolithic" package.

People who had the rare patched retail copies from the Origin Store and had to reinstall got saddled with the unpatched 1.1.610 upon doing so.

Also, if Origin tries to claim there's an "update", stay far, far away--some users have reported encountering this, and found that the supposed "update" is a downgrade to 1.1.610.

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