Why do i get so much spam from dating sites

If the names match, you are very likely safe using that link to unsubscribe.

There is a silver lining to this cloud: Because you never got to a "phishing" site while dealing with this, now your e-mail address is seen as unresponsive and the evildoers will move on to exploit the ones that did reply.

only the bogies lead you to phishing websites, where (they hope) you'll give them personal information. Well, this is one case where Google is your best friend.

Search for the business whose name appears in the Subject field.

So you will not see "spam" from all of them right away, but you likely will within 10 days or so.

Start with the obvious "welcome to our list" mails.

Add those to the ones who don't have "contact" links at their websites, and then sit back for a week or two.

Moving on to the rest: Some business send e-mail promotions more often than others.This is what the phishers are hoping for -- that you will click on every "unsubscribe" link you can find, and enter any information it wants -- because you just want to get rid of those e-mails.(First big hint: You should have to enter a "password" to unsubscribe from a legitimate business' mailing list.) So they filter in some bogus e-mail messages, which get mixed in with all the real ones ...As obvious as doing this would seem to be, do click on the "unsubscribe" link.There is a good reason for this advice: Because you didn't initiate the sign-up, you are in the worst possible position to tell whether or not the webpage you are sent to is legitimate!

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