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Indeed, the title of the show itself is a comedic riposte to another radio show, What's My Line, merged with the title of a 1972 teleplay (and eventual theatrical play) Whose Life Is It Anyway? The radio series lasted for six episodes, after which Channel 4 developed the franchise for television.The British television version lasted for a total of 10 seasons, with 136 episodes, all of which were hosted by Clive Anderson.

The performers who were not involved in a game remained in their seats.

There are 8 games that have been performed at least once in every season, these are Scenes from a Hat, Greatest Hits, Props, Let's Make a Date, Weird Newscasters, Duet, Helping Hands and Questions Only. All games were designed with the same principle of those from the UK original – to test the performers' improvisational comedy skills, with some games requiring the host to ask the studio audience for suggestions for specific topics or situations, while at other times these suggestions were written by the production staff, or submitted by the audience in advance, and chosen from among these.

In addition, the host would control a buzzer which would signify the end of most games, or the end of individual sections of rapid-fire games such as "Scenes from a Hat".

The points were purely decorative and served no practical purpose.

He would reiterate this at the beginning of, and multiple times throughout, each episode by describing Whose Line as "the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter".

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