Who is wu zun dating

The kiss at the end of episode 3 encapsulates that, with the camera choosing to have Sun Jae and Hye Won’s head turned so all we see is the act of a passionate kiss without actually seeing the very form of the kissing via their joined lips. I wouldn’t have let you into the house at this hour. I get drunk quickly and sober up quickly.” While it certainly wasn’t what Sun Jae expected to hear, he’s listening, trying to assign some sort of meaning to the words. Is this their cover story they will laugh about later? If he is going to start piano again, contact her, otherwise, don’t. By the time she offers to call him a taxi, he has figured out where he stands and what her game plan is. Seeing the book from Hye Won upsets him and he tosses it into the trash. Mom blamed the Chairman’s infidelities on the baby, treating her like a curse. As far as Young Woo, Mde Han decides to let her go embarrass herself in front of everyone.

It’s clear they both affect each other, but it’s hard to separate what the longing means. With steely control, he responds “No.” He can barely speak though his clenched jaw that he is driving a government truck. Hye Won smoothes in her face cream, thinking about the nut job/thief… Barely acknowledged her daughter with a hug or even a glance before disappearing. Unfortunately, as one of Hye Won’s duties is to manage Young Woo’s personal life, she can’t risk getting fired.

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The officer describes the crimes in a dry voice: “A public duty personnel, beating up a private citizen even though he was arrested on site he continued to show hostility…” The plaintiff chimes in. Really don’t.” His friends don’t understand what he thinks he has to lose. He tells them he is being sincere, which actually is the problem.Jang Ho can’t believe she’s demanding compensation for psychological damage. Sun Jae’s head is spinning – how is he supposed to know what to do next? It’s hopeless trying to get someone to rent out his last apartment to get the deposit back, too. It seems the Chairman usually takes Hye Won out for a special meal when his wife is away, just to make sure her affection hasn’t cooled.His friends conclude he should ask the music professor who found him impressive. Mde Han states he is interested in her other pocket, but Hye Won contends that he still loves her. He still goes after the ladies from time to time, and so Hye Won needs to keep watch.Likely both a musical transcendence as well as physical desire, and for Sun Jae’s return back into Hye Won’s world, it reminds of a longing he knows cannot be whether for her or for the piano. Humiliation, anger, confusion take turns on this face. Her husband wants her to make a call about monitoring the traffic in the neighbor. Who drove himself home in a confused fog is dejected, frustrated, but resigned to the situation. It is an old conversation; Chairman offers to recite the second verse. Her father tells her to grow up, being a mother herself, why does she keep bringing up her childhood? How irresponsible is she to be seen as a source of money rather than a woman? Mde Han apologizes to Hye Won for making her play a double agent.The drama doesn’t explain why he gave up on music after his mom died, guilt that her death arrived when she was anxiously trying to support his dream, or an acceptance that the dream needs to end now because he has reality to face. Sun Jae in all his little boy glory rises to his feet facing her with a small smile. Hye Won tells him pleasantly but firmly to go quietly. Searching for what she is, she chooses, “Teacher.” Now with false sincerity, he admits to making a big mistake, and he wasn’t even drinking. He explains why he came home her before he was department chair, he would stay up all night with the students at team-building events. Hye Won stands in the kitchen before her jar of tea and calls herself pathetic. And, if she did have a bad childhood, she should do everything in her power to be a good mother to her own kids. Mde Han managed to keep her lady-like disposition at her age. It’s the least she can do since the Chairman paid for her studies abroad.

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