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Mark truly made an impact on many people around him.

A friend of our's has set up a camp scholarship fund in Mark's name.

The first year, one child was sent to camp who otherwise could not have afforded to go, and this last year, we sent 4.

If anyone is interested in donating money to to the Adelberto Barajas passed away in 2003 after battling the effects of diabetes for many years.

Mark had a very extended family of those that worked for him and we heard many stories about how Mark had helped each and every one of them, giving them money, letting the pregnant women continue working until due day, although the company disapproved.

These women told us how they would not have had money for their other children had they not been allowed to work and said they would always appreciate what Mark had done for them.

Surviving are her husband Rodney Davis; her mother and stepfather Carla and James Darby of Mount Vernon; her father and stepmother Randolph and Karen Brehms of Weaverville, California; a stepson Ryan Davis of Mount Vernon a stepdaughter Autumn Davis of Mount Vernon; her half sisters Heidi Brehms of Weaverville, California and Heather Brehms of Keene, Texas; her half brother Justin Brehms of Omaha, Nebraska; and two stepbrothers James Darby Jr.

of Perris, California and John Darby of Redmond, Oregon.

He said what he would miss in California was the backpacking, riding motorcycles up the Mountains and quarter miling his 1969 Dodge Dart that he built up for racing.

Survivors include one son, two daughters and several grandchildren.

Info submitted by Judy Haas Bingham, Class of 1961.

Following San Pasqual Academy, he went to Union College for one year and PUC for another year.

He was drafted into the White Coats and spent his military time mostly in Washington DC where he worked in the controllers office at Walter Reed, using his business background.

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