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'When they pull me out, I'm holding my tail and crying.'Asked whether he worries about his son's safety when he's off on his regular crusades, Nick replied: 'Yes, I'm nervous every time he goes over the border to Sudan or whatever part of that world he finds himself.'It's an extremely dangerous place to be, a lot of dark things can happen there.'Yes I'm glad he went and that's he going and doing what he's doing in helping way he's helping but I'm very nervous every time he's there.'He's committed to it and I'm committed to supporting him.The actor reacts to Episode 5’s big reveal, and her character’s dynamic friendship with Frances. These things happen and it’s more about Frances’ process and trying to help her. I'm prouder all the time because he keeps growing I wish he'd stop.'He's so far distanced himself past the rest of us, it's remarkable.'He then joked: 'I say all this because I plan for him to be my retirement fund.'He's never been mean-spirited, naughty yes. At the end of the day he made me laugh.' During the hour-long interview, Clooney also revealed how he had contracted malaria for the second time while in Sudan, but reassured fans he is now free of the potentially deadly disease.He even made light of the situation, saying: 'Even with malaria, it's just good fun.'I guess the mosquito in Juba looked at me and thought I was the bar.'The star of The American said his primary issue now is the situation in Sudan.Morgan asked whether Nick was 'yearning for the moment' his son would walk down the aisle.Nick Clooney turned to his 49-year-old son and said: 'I want you to think about that.It was a great growing up, you got in trouble when you didn't do that,' he said.Asked what made him most proud of his son, Nick said: 'I've been proud of George every day of his life.

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The award-winning actor told the British broadcaster and his own father that his four-year marriage - to actress Talia Balsam that ended in 1993 - was enough.

As a friend she goes to spy, but as a therapist she can?

December 1989 - 1993George Clooney and actress Talia Balsam were married from December, 1989 to 1993.

\r\n HBO: How has Dallas changed from Season 1 to Season 2? Dallas isn’t a perfect person by any means, and it’s a mutual relationship in that way. Talia Balsam: What was clear to me was that Dallas wasn?

\r\n\r\n Talia Balsam: She’s trying to make better choices. Dallas was rightfully angry in Season 1, but now her son is leaving home and she? They can feel betrayed and then forgive, and that’s what’s interesting about the relationship — it’s a process; it evolves.\r\n\r\n \r\n"},"band":"Text"}"HBO: Dallas helps Frances get on a dating app in ? Does Frances need some encouragement to put herself back out there? t afraid to be honest with Frances, especially after she sleeps with Robert.

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