Who is synyster gates dating

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We were professional photographers, until one day I met Synyster Gates. I heard a snicker behind me as I turned around and glared. We lived in the same house, it was the 4th floor of a condo. While walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth I saw Devon getting dressed as well. I'm what you call a mutt, I'm Chinese and Italian.

We finished the group photos in about half an hour or a little more. The studio's music went into "Scream." by Avenged Sevenfold. I told him to stand with his arms crossed and smirking. I told him to do whatever he wanted for the next one. I ignored it and continued to take slow drags, watching the smoke disperse into the air.

He chose sticking his middle finger out and his signature growling face. I went outside of the studio and went downstairs and outside to smoke. I shivered a little as I pulled my sweater down more my body. I jumped up from the touch and a scream left my lips.

I screamed in shock and I covered my mouth as soon as I did. Synyster smirked at the scene in front of his eyes. I saw them about 3 times in my entire life, I've been a fan since forever. I told Matt to go in the middle, while Zacky was on his left and Synyster was on his right and Johnny was next to Synyster.

I told Devon to pinch me, and it sure as hell hurt. "Asshole."I smiled sweetly at him fixing my sweater and looked back up. "That's Synyster" Synyster winked at me as my cheeks started to turn red again. Dusted them with some powder and we were good to do.

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