Who is shane west currently dating

It took me three years to get into drama school, but that film did a lot for me when it came to my professional growth. Glamour: Shane, your full name is actually Shannon Bruce Snaith. I'm kind of the first of the kids that was born in America. Shane: It was my decision when I started getting attacked. I did actually go by Bruce in high school because when I moved from Louisiana to California, I started to get teased in junior high that I had a girl's name. Basically when I turned 18, if someone called me Shannon, I knew it was my family.When I was about 16, we changed it, and it was sort of for protection. So trying to fit in, here I'm a Southern boy with long hair and an accent and coming from no money, I wanted to fit in. If someone called me Bruce, that was only high school. Ashley: I'm pretty down to earth, but I do Pilates sessions one on one.He was only 16 years old when he worked in his first debut movie Once and Again.“The walk to remember” star has captivated millions of heart from his acting ability and to add up to his acting talent, he is also a singer, songwriter, musician, producer, and writer.

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Shane West was born on 10 June 1978 in Louisiana to French mom and Jamaican- British- Portuguese dad.

So to endure a double insecurity in dating, you have to really be strong to make it work.

Then again, if you date someone outside the industry, they can be a little more real and more down-to-earth.

I have to mail my dad's Father's Day cards.

I have to pick up my friend who is staying with me this week, and then I have to get back to my house because hair and makeup are meeting me there for my appearance on Craig Ferguson tonight. Ashley: Going to Disneyland for free and having a VIP guide and not having to line up for the rides. I felt guilty for about 35 seconds, but then that wore off, and I became a complete monster and was wearing Mickey Mouse ears, eating all the sugar, and having a blast.

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