Who is nina sky dating

The Flatliners actress matched the water and sky by wearing a bright blue Kacey | Shana two-piece bathing suit as she danced on the beach-side rocks.

Dobrev waved her arms up and down and moved her hips while smiling wide for the camera.

The duo was recently spotted at American Music Awards and Dobrev went on to share a picture on social media too.

It is further mentioned that she went on to pursue career in films but did not get a good offer henceforth she returned to the small screen.46 year old star Reedus is one big name that can definitely pull Dobrev on board in the series.

The Bulgarian-born star swam alongside sharks in a bid to stop the barbaric trade of their fins.

The former Vampire Diaries star fearlessly tailed the predators — some almost as big as her — in a PSA for Oceana.'I used to be scared...

On the contrary there are sources who claim that these are merely rumors and the castign decisions are not made by Reedus.

Dobrev is currently working on her upcoming film rom com “Crash Pad” starring in the role of Hannah with stars including Domhnall Gleeson and Christina Applegate.

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