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Whether this d00d has the “right” to do whatever the fuck he wants with publicly available photos on the Internet, doesn’t mean he isn’t a creepy fucking skeezbag deserving of scorn and derision from decent people.

I would much rather someone google my name and discover that someone finds me attractive (considering I fully appreciate the PR and public outreach/education aspects of science), than find a blog filled with vapid mental masturbations and pictures of shoes.

if someone is thorough enough in their googling/binging/Wolfram|Alpha-ing to find this blog post then surely they understand the internet enough to know that your sig other or any of the other individuals featured here probably had nothing to do with its authoring. why would you worry that a bigot might think you’re a slut? dude shoulda asked if these women were ok with being on the list.

my thoughts are 1, dude shoulda asked each woman if they minded being included on the list first. @Kobayashi Maru: I can understand why you want the picture of your girlfriend taken down.

There is, at least, a case to be made that the all the photos were already available, and Luke did nothing immoral by collating them. You are asking Luke for consideration, not exercising a right.

So, I don’t understand why you couldn’t ask nicely.

Nai-Chang Yeh (condense matter physicist at Caltech) and Lisa Randall (particle physicist at Harvard). its about time somebody made a list of sexy scientist women.

Focusing on the second would be rather more progressive.

That’s how you get results when asking for consideration — by showing consideration. I can’t speak for all the women, or any of them necessarily, but as a woman and a grad student in the physical sciences, I would feel more uncomfortable and disappointed, rather than flattered, if I saw myself on this list.

In general, I don’t think it sets a good precedence for how women in science are viewed.

Summer Williams seems to be an engineer, not a scientist. Laura Spinney is an ecology and biology graduate student.

Also, shouldn’t they at least be out of graduate school before they have the label “scientist” pinned on them?

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