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I wanted to build my own empire and do something on my own and I think it's just something that runs in my blood, wanting to be creative and do big things." The CNN host asked whether she said playing the fame game was worth the price.

"I've really grown a thick skin over the years and I've had so many things said about me, and it's hard," Hilton said.

"If she didn't have to go through what we had just talked about, yes, obviously," she said.

He said, 'Pack bikinis.' We're going to land somewhere tropical and beautiful and some place I've never been before, so I'm excited. News about her famous family, saying she'll be "one of the coolest aunts ever" when Nicky Hilton gives birth to her first child later this year. "Everyone's thrilled." Though Nicky is barely showing, "She's healthy," Paris said.But I want it to be as real as possible and people to get to know me." When Morgan asked the hotel heiress about people's misconceptions, she replied, "Just having the last name Hilton, people assume that everything was handed to me and I've never had to work a day in my life. They always made us want to do something on our own.But in reality, I've worked so hard, I've done this all on my own and I don't take anything from my family. I think I have a name where I have a lot to live up to and I didn't want to just be known as the Hilton granddaughter."She's lucky."The same can't be said for her mother, Kathy Hilton, and her aunts, Kim Richards and Kyle Richards, who have been at odds regarding a number of problems.Kathy Hilton is a New York-born actress, a businesswoman and a philanthropist.

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