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She is very interactive with her followers and meets the demand of his fellow subscribers.She can be easily compared with the other set of experienced You Tube stars that has a net worth of a bit higher count that Kalel.(she also has a lot of other channels but idk if they exist anymore , some examples; kalelnkabuki , conzplaisensei , Kalel Cullen TV,...) After that her channel 'Wonderland Wardrobe', the first channel I watched from her, was born. :( ABOUT THE VIDEO: this is just a little message she gave to us in her video: My heart was broken when she said that she was going to stop.She uploaded random stuff , but mostly beauty videos on it and really fast the beauty guru in her was reborn ! It was my favorite channel of all time and she was taking it away. A city where they wanted to go since they know each other. Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kalel Kitten Official Instagram: Official You Tube channel: https:// Us Live And Stuff So , that's all for now , this can always get updated and stuff.

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So I went on Wikipedia where I found this: "The origin story of Superman relates that he was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton." The superfan of Superman named her after her Superhero , super right ? (unfortunately I don't know where 'Cullen' comes from but let me just say that the Twilight films weren't released back then ;) Kalel has one brother , but that's he only thing I know of him. As I can remember she started with Queenbeeuty , but after a while she didn't find it fun anymore and so she started with doing what she wanted and that was cosplay (= costume play; dressing you as a (fictional) character.

Without much delay, Kalel opened a new channel Wonderland Wardrobe to demonstrate he videos on fashion and the latest trends.

At the very start, she gathers around 400,000 subscribers which is a quite reasonable response.

I did find the courage to watch the whole video where she announced that she was going to do a channel together with Anthony Padilla. But this is something I really wanted to share with you guys ! There are so many more things that could say about her but I might do that in another blogpost :) !

This is the only channel of her that's active at the moment.

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