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Jorma’s paternal grandfather is Frank Tacconi/Taccone (the son of Antonio Tacconi/Taccone and Pauline). Jorma’s paternal grandmother is Sybil Ramirez (the daughter of Fred Ramirez and Amalia).Sybil was born in New York, to Puerto Rican parents. Jorma’s maternal grandfather was Lars Gustav Ehnebuske (the son of Gustav/Gustaf Arvid Ehnebuske and Agnes Elly von Platen). Jorma’s great-grandfather Gustav was born in Vislanda, Sweden, the son of Oscar Ehnebuske and Augusta Bergelin.Andy: We were pretty well trained in that growing up in Berkeley, though.If you’re at all a sarcastic person growing up in that environment of Berkeley or even Santa Cruz, I mean, there’s a lot to be sarcastic about, certainly. You guys were really involved in the rise of You Tube... Jorma: It is funny because we are tied to like, the rise of You Tube, but I think that was just because we were doing our own shorts and producing them ourselves long before maybe other people were, but…Well, maybe there are a few too many tears shed; and maybe they shouldn’t have taken those promises of “Forever” too seriously; and maybe that part where the one dude weeps into a pair of ladies’ underwear — nope, no defending that one. November 14 – Lyon, FR @ Halle Tony Garnier ^November 15 – Nantes, FR @ Zenith ^November 16 – Toulouse, FR @ Zenith ^November 18 – Frankfurt, DE @ Jahrhunderhalle ^November 19 – Munich, DE @ Zenith ^? November 22 – Dusseldorf, DE @ Mitsubishi Electric Halle ^November 23 – Lille, FR @ Zenith Live ^ * = w/ St.

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But really it started to feel like I was back cracking jokes and shooting the breeze with my old buddies, so relaxed and fun was this interview.

Jorma’s maternal grandfather was the son of Swedish immigrants, and had Swedish, along with some German and Scottish, ancestry.

Jorma’s maternal grandmother had English, Scottish, German, distant Dutch, and likely Irish, ancestry.

Check out all the awesome other stuff I learned about this trio of dudes... You guys have been friends since junior high school, so before there was Lonely Island, there was…

Jorma: The world didn’t even exist before Lonely Island.

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