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CLEVELAND -- Jim Brickman celebrated his 50th birthday with about 2,000 of his fans — and several of his favorite collaborators — Nov. “You are at my birthday party; thank you for coming,” Brickman told the crowd after he opened the show with “Rocket to the Moon” — one of his signature solo piano instrumentals that earned him the nickname, “America’s romantic piano sensation.” “There’s no place I’d rather be than here, doing what I love to do.” Brickman, a 1979 graduate of Shaker Heights High School, appeared to enjoy every minute of the 2½-hour concert, titled “Jim Brickman and Friends: A Birthday Celebration.” He often smiled while playing and traded banter with his “friends,” who collaborated with him at various times.

They included Anne Cochran, his first collaborator who grew up with Brickman in Shaker Heights.

It's more like the voice of the Jolly Green Giant was put into the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

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The kids, the doofey suburbab dad-husbands taking tgem to Christmas concerts. I'm not a frau (but maybe I as one in a former life...) but Ireally like Brickman's music.

“It’s a wonderful thing for me.” Cochran, who still lives in Shaker Heights, rejoined Brickman on stage — with Silverman, Shaw and Utecht — for a stirring performance of “Peace (Where the Heart is).” Brickman then closed the show with another of his solo piano favorites — “Angel Eyes,” the first instrumental to reach No.

Just a friendly reminder: don't be ashamed to admit that you have a crush on him.

Scroll down and check out his short and medium hairstyles.

A friend saw the two together (in the audience) at the Guthrie recently. If you listen to his schmaltzy music you'll understand his target audience immediately. He's "famous" for releasing CDs of treacly piano instrumentals, and for going on tour (usually around Christmas) to play concerts of treacly piano music and Christmas songs.

He's pretty much under the radar culturally, but he has legions of adoring hausfrau fans who drag their husbands along to his concerts. Jesus, the Buffalo Bills of Datalounge, the catty, bitchy, shrill, hissing sphincterfaces...their heart's desire -really is- to be fraus, isn't it?

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