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Jeremy Michael London and his twin brother Jason London were born in San Diego, California, and were raised in Oklahoma and De Soto, Texas.

Jeremy was the first of the two to start auditioning, but it was Jason who nabbed the first role in the movie The Man in the Moon (1991).

Jason's wife, Sofia Karstens, has filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- Just like his sharting incident in the back of a cop car last year ... TMZ has learned London's wife Sofia filed for legal separation last week.

It's unclear why Sofia decided to end things ... Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell All right, all right, all right: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Dazed and Confused," director Richard Linklater screened his own 35mm print of the 1993 classic at the 51st annual New York Film Festival on Thursday night. I never tire of these weird, sad mugshots that we get to see on the regular, and in fact, I kind of look forward to them each and every time. Actor Jason London, best known as the ambivalent quarterback in the '70s-set high-school flick Dazed and Confused, got engaged on Saturday to his actress girlfriend Sofia Karstens, E!

According to People, the 47-year-old actor is dating actress Sofia Karstens.

London's wild seven-day stretch began a week ago Friday, when he finalized his divorce from wife Melissa Cunningham.… READ MORE Jeremy London has formally been charged with domestic battery for allegedly beating up his baby mama in Palm Springs last month -- but the crazy part ... READ MORE Jeremy London will be charged with domestic violence -- a month after the actor allegedly beat up his baby mama in Palm Springs -- this according to the Riverside County D. Jason also got a role in the dramatic series I'll Fly Away (1991), starring alongside Sam Waterston, but had to turn it down because of another job.So Jeremy auditioned for the role and got it instead. See full bio on IMDb » Jeremy London's making himself way too familiar in a Mississippi jail -- he was arrested for the second time in less than 2 weeks, but this time it had nothing to do with domestic violence. READ MORE PM PT -- London's spokesperson, Dominic Friesen, tells TMZ ...but Just like his sharting incident in the back of a cop car last year ... TMZ has learned London's wife Sofia Karstens filed for legal separation last week. Jason had pled guilty to disorderly conduct -- for sharting in a squad car after getting popped for a drunken bar fight in…Visit the Gallery (10 Images) Happy Birthday to ‘Lost’ star Yunjin Kim! Let’s see who else is celebrating a birthday today. It’s not that I wish misfortune on these people, of course, it’s just that these mugshots Not much has changed between Jason London and actress Sofia Karstens since they became husband and wife on July 16. Then there's London's daughter Cooper, 15, from his first marriage – s Today has been a super downer: the universe has once again grown frowzy, it seems. It's unclear why Sofia decided to end things Jason London can now say he was never convicted of crapping in a police car ... So let us self-medicate with Celebrity Gossip’s shallowest-working salve, the “Blind Item.” (I’m totally a doctor!

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