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Earlier this month his pop singer mum and Brit director dad settled their custody battle over him – with Guy winning custody.They had been involved in a bitter legal battle since December, when the teenager ignored a court order to fly back from his movie director dad’s London home.He failed to sympathise when she hurt herself badly by falling off her horse; she won't let him eat fried breakfasts.She is uptight and controlling; he is emotionally retarded.It's been on the cards for years; it just happened very recently.These are all the things that we think we know about last week's marriage break-up. It's a good thing that the British public knows everything about why Guy Ritchie and Madonna have split up, because most people don't have the faintest idea about what is going on in their own marriage.Madonna had wanted him to live in New York with her — but he refused to go.Both parties informed an American judge they have reached a confidential ­settlement - which meant Rocco will continue living in the UK, where he goes to school in North London.

After all, what man worth a mere £30m would not feel hopelessly emasculated by a £300m fortune?

Madonna, who has 11-year-old Rocco with Ritchie, apparently sent...

Read Full Story British film director Guy Ritchie had a very high-profile event to attend on Friday: The Royal Wedding!

Ritchie, perhaps best known stateside for being the ex-husband of pop superstar Madonna, suited up for the official ceremony at Westminster Abbey. Read Full Story Guy Ritchie (born September 10, 1968) is an English filmmaker known for the movies "Snatch" and "Sherlock Holmes." He was also married to Madonna.

He had a very lovely companion on his arm: a several-months-pregnant Jacqui Ainsley. She and Guy Ritchie have been dating since April 2010. Find more news, pictures and articles about Guy Ritchie here.

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