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"Dirty Soap" was a reality television series about the little-understood world of soap operas.The show primarily focused on the professional and private lives of actors on "General Hospital," "One Life to Live," and "Days of Our Lives," but the show's healthy servings of drama, backstabbing and beautiful people could also appeal to audiences who are not familiar with soap operas. between September 2011 and January 2012, and was produced by, among others, television host Kelly Ripa.As for John-Paul’s personal story, it was no secret that he, as well as many others in the cast, were devastated at the cancellation of by ABC.Once the series was canned, he and then girlfriend Farah Fath (Ex-Gigi) moved out to Los Angeles, where JP began to pursue other acting career opportunities.MICHAEL: So, you therefore share scenes with the amazing Ron Raines (Senator Preston)? Although I am face to face with his lover, my old sister on OLTL, Melissa Archer, which was neat. (Laughs) Apparently, they had a great shoot and the lesbian action was flawless … MICHAEL: John-Paul, you are one of the most innately funny people I know. I got to be in the same room with her and my feedback was, “He’s not multi-cam.” I said, “OK,” and unfortunately there were no cameras in the room, so there was no proof of that. It just so happened that it did not have a laugh track.” (Laughs) I am still trucking along. I house sit, and dog sit for him, when he is out of town, and take care of the twins. (Laughs) Listen, I am very lucky to have Tuc in my life. I tell ya, if he did it for me, I would be the luckiest guy in the world.JOHN-PAUL: Everything you see Eric doing is for Ron Raines’ character. MICHAEL: I was thinking Eric and Evelyn (Melissa Archer) would end up having a fling! And the thing with me is, the less I know about you sometimes, the better I can act with you, depending on our character. It was just me sitting on the couch and us running lines and she said I was not multi-cam, and so that’s that. MICHAEL: Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL) is your best bud. (Laughs) MICHAEL: What did you think about Tuc coming forward and publicly coming out and revealing he is a gay single dad of newborn twins? I eat chocolate every day, and butter and crackers, and I don’t go to the gym, I just do “Dolores”. MICHAEL: In closing, with all you went through personally and professionally, is acting still your passion?

I was beat down from her, and when my grandfather yells something from the bedroom. But if all of sudden we are bedfellows, this will definitely be the biggest challenge of my acting career; playing that I want to sleep with Melissa Archer. He said, “I am doing these shows because I want the world to know these things. Los Angeles can be tough and unforgiving, when there are so many talented people vying for roles on shows, and more often than not, its about that lucky break.I grew up watching It felt so good to be in cold weather in Massachusetts bundled up, and I just felt at home, because I also was with Melissa Archer.Even though I never worked with Alicia and Crystal, it was kind of like Abbott and Costello not working together for 20 years, and then someone calling them up and saying, “Hey, can you do this part? MICHAEL: When I interviewed Crystal Chappell (Claire Preston) about what she thought of you, she says what I have always said about you, that you are so interesting to watch and you never know what is going to happen.” It was kind of like us all falling back into the old routine. We knew it was going to be fun, and we had the same sort of work ethic. I knew it was going to be fun, and we were going to get it done without problems. It was neat to see Hillary in producer mode, because I am used to seeing Hillary in “Hillary mode” mostly (Laughs). You have your headset on and you are watching the monitor. MICHAEL: Did being a part of continues, because it brought me back. I have often said that you have your own unique, very non-soap acting style, the way you delivered your material as Rex on OLTL. JOHN-PAUL: I had one scene with her, and she is really fun.It’s sort of like we all have come together to do the same magic trick. Her character is not of sound mind when my character has this interaction with her. I was happy and excited that Hillary threw me this bone, but when I found out I was playing Crystal’s son, I thought, “I don’t think she is old enough to do this! and I have to give people orders and tell them what to do, and flip that switch, just as Hillary was.

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