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Intrigued by her schizophrenia and the fact she has a condition she's too young to get, he takes her case and finds multiple problems.

However, when the patient does something unexpected, House starts to wonder if she's really mentally ill at all.

House successfully does so and finds himself in a position of letting his ex-girlfriend work at the hospital.

Plot: A young kindergarten teacher is brought to the hospital and diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer by Wilson.

and his team as they solve a medical case each episode.

The season's sub-plot revolved around billionaire Edward Vogler making a 0 million donation to the hospital.

House and his team cannot pinpoint Brandon's problem since there is no illness with this many symptoms.

But then, Brandon complains of pain in his fingers and House suddenly zeroes in on the cause.

House is dismissive until he notices amyoclonic jerk in the boy's foot.Although House finally vindicates himself, the answer doesn’t help the patient, who continues to get worse no matter what steps they take.Plot: While dodging Cuddy in the emergency room, House runs into the son of a schizophrenic woman who has been diagnosed with alcoholism.After a near-fatal hallucination and several faultydiagnoses, House is mystified until he learns the boy's true paternity.Plot: After a spirited sexual intercourse with his fiancee, Brandon collapses, suffering from abdominal pain, nausea, fever and low blood pressure.

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