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We’ve gathered five ladies, encompassing Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, to whom Drake has been linked and the truths behind their rumored romances.Rihanna Drake and Rihanna have frequently been linked for several years now, so it is one of his best-known romances.During this time she began dancing, writing, and singing.

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For those of you who thought Drake’s rumored romance with Tyra Banks was all talk, it appears you’re partly right, partly wrong.Our favorite rapper-singer Drake has finally revealed a few secrets regarding his love life.Although many of his songs would lead you to believe differently, the talented artist has had actually had success in wooing some of the most well-known women in Hollywood -- at least for one date.Throughout her childhood, Sledge moved to a number of locations throughout the city of Chicago.To escape issues that a number of teens face (blended families, constantly having new friends, and problems at home) Sledge looked into the fine arts, which helped her deal with some of the realities of her life.

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