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The popularity of the show earned him a spot on the Kings of Comedy tour with Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. Hughley thinks it's a YUGE mistake on President Trump's part to kick out nearly 800k Dreamers on DACA ... Spike Lee turned this into a docu-film titled “The Original Kings of Comedy.” Hughley has also starred in comedy specials, talk shows, and radio shows. Monday morning following the Las Vegas massacre which killed… No one else is harmed or impacted in any way, shape,or form. Lastly, even a lot of post op trans still have a lot of characteristics of birth gender, these features are often unattractive on a woman or man in the case of an Ft M. Straight guys are programmed to want natural women.

The only possible person harmed by self-limiting the dating pool from which one searches is the person himself.

Hughley's strongly defending Kathy Griffin's beheading photo of President Trump -- saying all these haters were dead silent when Ted Nugent threatened President Obama.

READ MORE Charlie Murphy was laid to rest in NYC and his memorial service looked like a comedy hall of fame. READ MORE Kendall Jenner's track record of dating black guys doesn't make her qualified to play the role of a social activist, and THAT's where Pepsi screwed up ...

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straight men won't date trans women because they are men.

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