Who is dana delany dating

Not that the experience put her off men, because she managed to stay close to her father as well as her mother and still mourns the fact that he met a tragic end when he contracted pancreatic cancer and died in 1981 just a year after remarrying.

‘I have certainly had a lot of relationships, so I feel I’m lucky because I have had every experience I’ve ever wanted and all sorts of men,’ she says.

Despite her low-key, slightly self-mocking manner, she looks the epitome of the sexy older woman who can fascinate men of all ages.

Let’s all pause for a few moments to revel in the thought of Dana Delany, naked in a hot tub with a can of Reddi Wip. But I can totally see her in the part: a “brilliant and tenacious” female medical examiner who used to work as a neurosurgeon. Delany’s character Katherine has been through the ringer on Desperate Housewives, so perhaps the move would be good for her.

And since Julie Benz, who plays Katherine’s lesbian love interest Robin, also is doing a pilot, we suspected that the DH lesbian relationship would be short-lived.

”’‘Kim is really fun, a great dame in the American sense, so I said to her, “You should do it,”’ says Dana, who admits she’s been better in the past at giving other people career advice than herself.

‘The problem is that I do like adventure and change, so I haven’t thought long-term in a calculated way,’ she explains.

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