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This can become An Aesop if said Charlie Somebody is in a traditionally male-oriented profession; for instance, the episode where J. immediately dismisses female mechanics, before handing his car over to "Sam", who is apparently the best mechanic in town.The message can quickly get Anvilicious if done more than once in a series.

It explains how to use fertility awareness to avoid pregnancy, as well as how to conceive.With the Couple to Couple League International, pioneers and educators of natural family planning.Marriage Is For Keeps: Foundations for Christian Marriage - John F.For example, in Spanish most names have explicit masculine and feminine forms (and those that don't are either exclusively male or exclusively female), so this trope can't be used without it becoming extremely strained, to say the least.One genre that is RIPE with this trope involve shows where a female is in an occupation that is typically considered a man's job (female cops, firefighters, soldiers, etc.) One of the most common is contrasting the incredibly girly Mackenzie with the very masculine nickname Mack.

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