Who audrina patridge dating now

Also, it has been rumored that the ex-couple disappeared from the party together, however these rumors were not proved to be right or wrong officially.Talking more about her current relationship, Audrina Patridge boyfriend Corey Bohan is known as a BMX racer.Using her beauty to her favor, Patridge spent her afternoons tanning by the swimming pool hoping to get noticed when, fortunately for the aspiring star, that’s exactly what happened when a producer spotted her and invited her to join the main cast of The Hills.With the series already bringing a large following thanks to its original series, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, it wasn’t long before Patridge became a celebrity as she joined veteran reality television celebs like Heidi Montag, Lauren Conrad, Spencer Pratt and a handful of others. We all stuck together for support because nobody outside our circle understood what we were going through.However, the couple is back together and it makes a lot of speculations of how long will it take for the couple to date and break up again.Before that, she was dating Corey Bohan from June of 2009 till September of 2009, thus it was seen as a summer romance.When they started appearing together in public, people started speculating that this relationship will not last long because both Audrina Patridge and Audrina Patridge boyfriend Ryan Cabrera were dating quite a lot of people from TV reality shows.

That Olivia is quite the character, and definitely makes the show interesting.“It was our real life, especially in the beginning,” Patridge said. We weren’t allowed to talk about it to anyone.” As the drama unfolded with her costars, Patridge appeared on series like MADtv, Do Not Disturb and Family Guy just as The Hills took a different, more scripted turn.“The show started becoming much less real during the third or fourth season because they started bringing in all of these random people to stir up drama and start fights between me and Lauren or me and Kristin about Justin,” Patridge claimed. So, everybody started protecting themselves not knowing who to trust.Using part of her graduation money to pay for private acting lessons, she attended drama school but struggled to catch any big breaks as she moved her contract over to Quixote Studios who encouraged her to audition for smaller roles around the city.Coincidentally, MTV was filming a new reality series nearby.

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