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Using a handheld portable flux capacitor, Verne arrived on dry land in the barrel when its fall approached the speed of eighty-eight miles per hour.Oliver realized that he had put Emmett's life in danger by blindly accepting that the people in charge of the stunts cared about Emmett's well-being, so he put an end to Emmett's short film career.He left home with nothing but the clothes he wore, despite his father's disapproval, and arrived in Hill Valley, California in 1908.He married some time afterward, and they gave birth to Emmett in 1914."If only I don't die of a heart attack or a stroke first," Dr. / He was close to seeing his dream become a reality. One by one the scientific and physical obstacles had been eliminated. " He was the son of (whose birth name was Erhardt Von Braun) and. In fact no one except Marty Mc Fly even knew of his accomplishments, but that didn't matter. His lifetime of struggle, of being the recipient of ridicule, would suddenly turn golden.Uncle Oliver realized that Emmett could bring in a lot of money, so he signed a deal to have Emmett become a famous silent film star, doing crazy stunts around the country. In reality, Tannen planned on keeping Emmett in the barrel for the "realistic" look.Verne saved his father by taking his place in the barrel.

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In his youth, Emmett played sandlot football, gaining the nickname "The Streak" due to his quick reflexes.In 1991, Emmett's sons, Jules and Verne discovered this fear after asking their father to go to the Father-Son Big Mouth Bass-Off.They traveled to 1926, together with Marty Mc Fly, in an attempt to prevent the accident.Forgiving the young man, Emmett instructed him that he should keep the rocket drill's throttle at about eight before the young man left.In the months that followed, Emmett became a fully realized inventor and was working on creating a rocket car for his demonstration at the Hill Valley Expo using Einstein, who was accidentally left behind, as a test subject.

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