When to make it official dating

he still breaks my heart at times just from being horrible due 2 alcohol.

but no suprise hear iv stuck by him for 8 years and still not even engaged!

He was extremely shy when we frist got together so i pointed each person i knew out to him one at a time or as he asked about them ((mostly about the guys i knew to become friends with them he dont like the girls at our school because they are mostly preps)) or as they came up to us and started talking to me and looking at him I introduced him as my boyfriend I told them This is my boyfriend Aaron.

After a certain time (differs for everyone), there will be an expectation to clarify what exactly the two of you are.I've been seeing this guy for a month and one week and so far everything has been good.I see him almost everyday but we’re still ‘seeing each other’. I don’t want to be a the girl that sees a guy for over half a year and finds out that he’t not ready for a relationship.my man is so far from perfect tho and this sure hasnt been a happy love story, but he is my mr perfect anyway 98% of the time!if you love him and are willing to wait till hes ready you might both be very happy together. When I was in high school and really didn't have anything but time to pursue a relationship, I was a little put off if two weekends went by before the guy I was dating was my official boyfriend.

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