When he jokes about dating you

It’s like teasing you to have a look on that photo as well and remember the amazing time you had together. If I were you, I would leave a comment on that photo saying something nice or just an emoji (which are cool and fun in any occasion). It’s not because he is mad or under pressure at work.

Neither it’s because he has turn into a psycho who can’t control his temper.

Speed is not always a good way to communicate but love is not always about being right, is it? When hearing you is not enough, you just picked the third of the top 3 signs he misses you.

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He knew that you would see it, but in any case he did it.

You fire away your SMS and within seconds you got a reply, as if he was staring his i Phone waiting all day for you to text him.

He never gets his eyes off his smartphone, because he is eagerly waiting for your text to show up on the screen.

The one that was playing on the club the first time he saw you.

The other that was playing on the radio the first time you were in his car.

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