What to say on online dating

Some guys might be only lying a little, or exaggerating, but total honesty should not be expected and you do need to be very careful.\n. I kept some of them as friends--we liked one another but not THAT way.However on the other side, many of the men I met said they had met women who did not look at all like their profile.So, gentlemen, if you want to make the least amount of effort that is most likely to increase your profile appeal, reread it for spelling.

Sadly, I don’t know of any science that explains how to make such a photo an honest representation of yourself if you are 40-something, fair-skinned, somewhat lopsided and bald, like me.The problem is that many people honestly don’t know how to describe themselves.Now, acquiring a photo of yourself that is both (a) the most attractive and (b) the most honest representation of what you look like goes far beyond the scope of mere science.So we will leave you to your own devices (and conscience) with regards to your photos, and hope that things work out for the best.Similarly, we cannot hope to tell you what it is that honestly makes you who you are (without seeing your answers to a couple hundred questions that we may have already asked you to answer).

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