Wayside school dating love

/ The students try to throw the principal Kidswatter a surprise birthday party, but he thinks they are trying to get rid of him. The tetherball team kids want Todd to be the new mascot so that they can finally win some games, but Todd does not want to, so Dana creates a giant version of his head for Myron to wear, and become "Big-Head Todd" / During a game of tag, Todd tags Myron, who starts demanding special treatment, and because everyone has to follow the rules, no one can disobey him.

Maurecia is promoted to the Honors Class instead of Dana. / Myron adopts a head of lettuce as his younger brother. Myron and Dana have best friends for a long time but one day after they get into a big fight, they decide not to be best, best friends anymore.

Meanwhile, Kidswatter thinks Myron (Dana's Valentine's Day Cupid, hanging from a tree, who has birds in love with him, who keeps shooting plunger love arrows) is his guardian angel. Jewls is on a faculty retreat a cow wonders into the class.

/ Dana finds a marriage certificate that she thinks might make Miss Mush related to her.

Todd enters the Principal for a day contest and wins.

The students believe it to be their substitute teacher and end up learning more from the cow!

After Todd has once lost the goldfish named King Arthur, everyone brings their pets into school and Todd must watch them so that he'd learn to be more "responsible".

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