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If a man will rush to help, then we can conclude that he is a serious man and not likely to get with a woman right after sex, as if all he wanted was sex he wouldn't have agreed to help, as he, in principle anyway.If a man is willing to wait a month, two, three, willing to be patient and wait close, we can confidently conclude that he is ready for serious relations the same way as a woman, but only though if he's not cheating on her throughout this time.During this time, as a rule, people get to know each other, check the relationship strength.

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To access the chat, you need to pass a free registration, conduct your personal data and to obtain a username and password.

If a man is seeking and courting a woman and shows his sincere feelings and serious intentions, it will be immediately visible.

The best option first sex in a relationship is a few months later.

That's why sex on the first date is not advisable for women who want to build a strong and long relationship. If a man takes too long to get what he wants, he may find another woman who is happy to help him.

The woman in such a situation it is important not to overdo it with the role of the snow Queen.

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