Virtual sex examples marriages that resulted from teenage dating

The topic about Io T and sex is long — VR-porn, the blowjob robot Autoblow2 , sex toys based on the 3D printer New York Toy Collective, a set of devices and a platform for long-distance lovers Kiiroo and even a vibrator with artificial intelligence Hum. For example, Kink BNB site helps people with unusual sexual preferences find housing for rent from people with the same views.Travelling pairs or trios can choose a place to stay, where group sex is welcomed, and BDSM lovers can find an apartment, equipped with the appropriate facilities and accessories.I do Fantasy, sex-positive app for open-minded couples and singles in non-monogamous relationships and educational TED-like events about sexuality named SEX. Fantasy helps to find people with same fantasies, and give an opportunity to share stories and listen to the stories of others.I am sure that sensual intimacy is stronger with partners, who have the same fantasies/kinks, and who are aware of their desires and discuss them.Journalists give the following definition: a set of technologies and innovations aimed at developing human sexuality and sexual experiences.According to this definition, Sex Tech appeared with the release of the first pornographic movies in the late 19th century — the first porn movie in the history of mankind was called Le Coucher de la Mariée and was shot in 1896 by two French directors.For example, masturbation remote management service Oh Mi Bod Remote in 2014 successfully entered Indiegogo and now sells a kit of sex toys that can be controlled with the app on your smartphone.You can operate a variety of things, such as a vibrator for a partner or something more interesting.

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Projects such as FETLIFE help people with the same kinks find each other and together develop their fantasies.According to the figures from, sales of sex toys by 2020 will have reached $ 52 billion.Despite the impressive potential of the VR-industry, I believe that the future is all the same for human relations, after all, people tend to have sex with each other, but not with machines.I expanded Tristan’s segmentation, and attribute to the Sex Tech category such segments:1) classic dating, 2) intimate dating, 3) sex for money, 4) sex education, 4) sexual entertainment, 5) long-distance sex, 6) sex services, 7) the Internet of things and related products, 8) and, of course, porn.In detail about these and other services I will discuss in the presentation below.

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