Violation of injunction for protection against dating violence

When a injunction is issued and served or an injunction is made final, it is public record and can easily be viewed by employers, neighbors, and members of the general public.You can start the process today and speak to a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Miami.What are injunctions for protection against domestic violence, injunctions for protection against repeat violence, injunctions for protection against dating violence and injunctions for protection against sexual violence?An injunction is a court order signed by a judge that can be served and or enforced by law enforcement.This information will assist the Court in determining whether or not the Respondent should be immediately restrained, without notice, from any contact with the Petitioner, pending a full hearing.The information contained within your Petition will determine whether or not the court decides to provide you with the necessary protection as a victim of domestic or repeat violence.

A violation of an injunction (restraining order) is treated as a serious matter by the court, the State Attorney's Office and the police.

Injunctions for Protection Against Domestic Violence may be issued against a spouse or former spouse, a person related by blood or marriage, a person which you are presently living with or have formerly lived with, as if a family, or against someone with whom you have a child in common, regardless whether you were ever married to that person or lived with them.

If a person falling within one of the previous descriptions has committed a crime against you resulting in your physical injury, or that person has placed you in fear (with words or physical acts), and made you believe you would be immediately harmed by an unlawful act of violence, you may have grounds to ask the court for an Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence.

If an injunction for protection against domestic violence, repeat violence, dating violence or sexual violence, is granted by the court, the judge may order the other party not to have contact with you and not to harm you mentally or physically. In order for the Court to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to grant an Injunction, your Petition must contain certain information.

You may complete the necessary paperwork in the Family Law Department which is located on the first floor of the George E. This information must include specific facts and circumstances, including dates, which convince the Court that an immediate and present danger of domestic or repeat violence exists.

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