Victoria dating com

Once again his message rolled around, and to be honest, I just didn’t have the desire to see him anymore, even though this time – he was ready, deposit in hand.

We’ve all been there – if you can get 5 shorter emails replied to in the span it’d take you to reply to one longer message; you know what you’re going to gravitate towards. We aren’t judging here, nor are we assuming your needs don’t require perfect undivided attention, but making yourself easy to communicate with is key, if and when she wants you to expand on something, she’ll ask!

I want you to WANT to play and I need you to be reliable.

If you’ve reached out for a while without follow through, your Domina may block your address or inform others that you’re a time waster.

Too much information, or none at all, not addressing us by name but telling us everything about your background and interests…

Yeah, we know you cast a wide net and are just waiting for the first or any, Mistress to reply.

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