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The password on the back of the Mi Fi device also reveals some interesting information.From the photo above, the password on my Mi Fi device is: This password value likely breaks down into four fields: Based on this assessment, we can determine that the password selection for the Mi Fi default is weak.Update: Please also see my post about the hidden page for advanced Mi Fi configuration settings.Recently, I picked up a Verizon Mi Fi device for and the extension of my service contract for another 2 years.\"091119\")." sys.exit(1) for arg in sys.argv: for i in xrange(0,100000): print "%sd"%(arg, i)mifi-wordlist.txt”) allows us to pass it to your favorite WPA cracking tool.

Besides the obvious marketing angle Verizon gets from including its name in the SSID, this allows the user to quickly identify and connect to their personal Wi Fi network to leverage the EV-DO uplink.

This is straightforward with Kismet, or a tool like Airodump-ng.

In this example, I’ll use Airodump-ng and Aireplay-ng to fake a deauthenticate message, forcing the victim to disconnect and reconnect to the Mi Fi AP (because I’m an impatient attacker).

The fun that I’ve had with the device so far has well made up for both costs.

The Mi Fi is a battery-powered 802.11b/g AP slightly smaller than an i Phone that features an integrated EV-DO uplink.

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