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Brittany ended up with probation and community service, and Raul eventually was up and shuffling down the road to recovery.

He forgave her over time, and they resumed their relationship.

When her parents didn't show up for the play, we began to see a vulnerable side to Britt.

All the shenanigans the self-confident, gorgeous blonde had pulled had been covering up a girl who felt unloved and unworthy of someone who would want her for more than her body. again and flaunted him in front of Raul, trying to hurt him.

Former headliner singer at Marilyn's Cabaret Formerly worked part time at the Glo By Jabot Boutique Former stripper at Marsino's Gentleman's Club Attended Genoa City University but dropped out Formerly worked at the Glo by Jabot Boutique Graduate of Walnut Grove Academy Former "Glo by Jabot Kid" for Jabot Cosmetics Raul Guittierez, Billy Abbott, Mackenzie Browning, J. Hellstrom, Rianna Miner, and Brittany Hodges were friends as they attended Walnut Grove Academy. But her parents were busy with their own lives and careers, so she spent more time away from home, than not.

She came from a rich family, her father being a banker.

They ran into each other a lot, and her presence seemed to bring Raul out of his despondency.

They began attending concerts and movies together and hung out at Crimson Lights as friends, never admitting their growing feelings for each other.

Brittany became very jealous when she realized the attraction.After many disappointments, Raul was accepted to Pemberton College in Boston and won a scholarship.Brittany was bound for another college in New York.Billy bragged of his experience with drinking, partying, and girls while living in New York City. T., another expert partier, invited everyone to a party at a house he was house-sitting.Raul showed up in time to save best friend Billy's life when Billy suffered alcohol poisoning and collapsed in the snow, as neither Brittany nor J. was willing to call 9-1-1 and get themselves in trouble.

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