Validating xml using dtd java

If you create a XML document that has two titles for a movie, for example, you can use the DTD to detect the error.

You can store the DTD for an XML document in the same file as the XML data, but more often, you store the DTD in a separate file.

A LAX parser indicates that the processor should perform validation for elements in the instance document that are declared in an associated XML schema.

The processor does not consider the instance document invalid if it contains no elements declared in the schema.

Validation is the process by which you verify an XML document against its associated DTD, ensuring that the structure, use of elements, and use of attributes are consistent with the definitions in the DTD.

Thus, applications that handle XML documents can assume that the data matches the definition.

You can use the processor in the following ways: program illustrates how to validate against an implicit XML Schema.

it contains a There is no 100% foolproof process for determining how to validate an arbitrary XML document.

The St AX parser is good for this - because it is a pull mechanism, you can just read the start of the file and then quit parsing on the first element.

Link to more of the same and sample code and whatnot.

That way, you can use a DTD to govern the format of several XML documents of the same type.

XML DTDs are a subset of those available in SGML and provide a mechanism for declaring constraints on XML markup.

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