Validating uk phone numbers dating profirl romania

These rules are quite easy to understand and are listed on the number format page and detailed in the Reg Ex patterns in section 3 of this article. You can choose to display the number in national format, e.g. The following Reg Ex patterns select valid GB telephone number ranges: Note: These are a subset of the fixed-line rules, with digits 2 to 9 as the leading digit of the subscriber number. area code/NDC if applicable, and local number); e.g. For display, there's a quite complex set of rules for GB telephone numbers because different number ranges have a different total number of digits (usually 10 or 9, occasionally 7) and there are a variety of different area code lengths in use (from 2 to 5 digits). Alternatively, the pattern matches optional initial opening parentheses followed by the 0 trunk code (national format). Any of the previous two options are then followed by 44 with optional closing parentheses, followed by optional space or hyphen, followed by optional 0 in optional parentheses, followed by optional space or hyphen, followed by optional opening parentheses (international format). Behind the scenes, it uses Javascript regular expressions to check if a given number matches the pattern of phone numbers in particular country.

After checking the input looks like a GB telephone number using the pattern above, the next step is to extract the NSN part so that it can be checked in greater detail for validity and then formatted in the right way for the applicable number range. The display format must be corrected by later logic if the wrong format for this number has been used by the user on input. The pattern allows any format to be used with any GB number. Before you start, there are four concepts that need to be separated. These are "input format", "valid number range and valid number length for this range", "storage format" and "display format".

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