Validating the bland altman method of agreement nepal dating and marriage

A high correlation does not necessarily imply that there is good agreement between the two methods.Consider a set of n samples (for example, objects of unknown volume).

A Bland–Altman plot (Difference plot) in analytical chemistry is a method of data plotting used in analyzing the agreement between two different assays.It is identical to a Tukey mean-difference plot Bland and Altman make the point that any two methods that are designed to measure the same parameter (or property) should have good correlation when a set of samples are chosen such that the property to be determined varies considerably.A high correlation for any two methods designed to measure the same property could thus in itself just be a sign that one has chosen a widespread sample.This brief report shows how adding a simple bar chart to a Bland–Altman plot adds essential additional information.When the number of unique values is small, a Bland–Altman plot alone may provide inadequate information.

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