Validating the application of occupancy sensor networks for lighting control

This approach works effectively without the need for ambient light sources or direct contact with materials.

Furthermore, the use of a deep learning network removes the need to handcraft the set of features for different materials.

As the material becomes active in disclosing the fullness of its capabilities, the boundaries between human and nonhuman performances are destabilized in productive practices that take their departure from materials.

This paper illuminates the embodied crafting of action possibilities in material-driven design (MDD) practices with electroluminescent materials.

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) are growing in popularity.

News coverage of security and privacy (S&P) events is pervasive and may affect the salience of S&P threats to the public.

To better understand this coverage and its effects, we asked: What types of S&P news come into people’s awareness? Over two years, we recruited 1999 participants to fill out a survey on emergent S&P news events.

In everyday use of CAs, user experience may extend beyond satisfying information needs to the enjoyment of conversations with CAs, some of which represent playful interactions.

By studying a field deployment of a Human Resource chatbot, we report on users’ interest areas in conversational interactions to inform the development of CAs.

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