Validating scales and indexes

We also conducted an Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) on the Problem Severity factor in the youth form to determine the number of appropriate sub-factors.

The EFA indicated that the Problem Severity factor should be broken into three hypothesized sub-factors: Externalizing, Internalizing and Delinquency. CFA results indicated the four factor second order solution fits superior to the other two solutions.

Clinician-rated measures of spasticity purport to be objective but do not measure the patient's experience and may not be sensitive to changes that are meaningful to the patient.

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Your reading intentions are private to you and will not be shown to other users.The DIVERT scale is intended to assist in case finding home and community care patients at risk of unplanned emergency department use.Also, the DIVERT scale may help prioritize communication and collaboration with primary care and relevant specialists.Click 'Find out more' for information on how to change your cookie settings.Between 65 and 75 % of juvenile-justice involved (JJI) youth present with at least one behavioral health disorder.

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