Validating meaning

One of Gade's key findings is that former TRC commissioners and committee members question the importance of ubuntu in the TRC process.

Another is that there are several differing and historically developing interpretations of ubuntu, some of which have evident political implications and reflect non-factual and creative uses of history.

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Since the transition to democracy in South Africa with the Nelson Mandela presidency in 1994, the term has become more widely known outside of Southern Africa, notably popularised to English-language readers through the ubuntu theology of Desmond Tutu.

For example, the software will evaluate a plan to add a switch or alter LUN masking, apply simulation to determine the impact of that change, identify steps required in the proper sequence to avoid problems, and severity measurements systems only by expert judgment (of measurement methods or in comparison to expected outcomes), people have turned to correlating severity scores with probability of death after treatment.

policies and processes is critical because they often may conflict; and because of the SOA's loose coupling nature, it will be necessary to dynamically validate configurations or dependencies during deployment cycles.

Miracles of Mindbody Medicine It all starts with acceptance.

Accepting the TMS diagnosis (believing that the pain is psychologically caused as opposed to structurally or physically caused) is a very important component of recovery.

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