Updating with hldsupdatetool

You will need to change this to refelct the directory you installed it to.

The -command update tells the tool to update the installation.

The STEAM network ( designed by Valve Software ( allows Game Service Providers to download dedicated server files directly from their network.*****Resource*****The files for the following Games can be downloaded free of charge from the STEAM network. Run this file to install the that you will use to download the dedicated server files.

The key is to get the new CSS server software, that uses .The will be the directory that you installed the tool to when you ran the installer.The default directory for the installer would be C:\HLServer.Just one more thing: if you didn't had root access during the installation, you may have to forward ("open") ports to let your server be accessible by anyone.system, the server downloaded by HLDSUpdate Tool is definitely deprecated.

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