Updating windows 95 to 98

If you are still not sure which operating system is best for you, then the following information may help you decide.

If you determine that you can and want to do an upgrade, proceed with the remaining steps listed below beginning with obtaining your network information.

Very little user input is required to upgrade an existing Windows 95 installation to Windows 98.

Setup is divided up into 5 distinct steps: STEP 1: Preparing To Run The Setup Wizard 1 - When you first insert the Windows 98 Upgrade CD into your CD-ROM drive, if Autorun is enabled on your PC, the Windows 98 Setup Splash screen appears to welcome you to the Windows 98 Setup program. Setup will then perform a few internal housekeeping items, such as creating a "Setuplog.txt" file on your C:\ drive that will record all the steps that the program performs.

A progress bar is displayed to show you the percentage of the task completed, and the approximate time remaining to complete the setup operation. If Setup is interrupted during the file-copying phase, Windows 98 may not run when you restart your computer because Windows 98 will not have all of the necessary files to start.The procedures below will help you prepare for your upgrade, and then walk you through the steps to do so beginning with starting the setup program.The following procedures discuss doing this either by using the Windows 2000 Professional CD-ROM or upgrading from a network server.Choosing "No" will install Windows 98 without the option of uninstalling it at a later date, and will not preserve your existing Windows 95 settings.7 - The "Regional Settings" dialog box let's you choose your geographic area.

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