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I've used the CD method to modernize computers with BIOSs from 20.

The problem is, the laptop isn't booting from the usb drive no matter what. I tried the USB flash drive on another laptop, and it worked smoothly! It appears that I have to change the Boot Mode to "CSM" or "Legacy" instead of "UEFI" CSM or Legacy selection are for booting Windows 7, I think, and the UEFI selection is for Windows 8.

Then I checked Motherboard Manual - I've read through the board's user manual at least 3 times.

I've re-read the important information concerning the parts that might be faulty at least 5 times.

For every time I plug a flash drive in for booting, I'll just have to enter the BIOS; I'm fine with that. You can install it on a CD or a floppy (the whole file is only 320k B!

) very easily, or if you're skilled you can install it on the hard drive to make the USB bootability permanent. I'm following my own link and grabbing that right now!

updating the bios averatec-78

So how would I be able to re-install a Linux distribution (probably Ubuntu)? Is there a program to do it (I've heard of a Windows one)?Motherboard Standoffs - The standoffs is the first thing I installed when I opened the case and the motherboard.It is a must and the setup was done correctly according to the motherboard form factor.CPU Installation - I Installed the CPU correctly, lined up the arrow and made sure that the pins would also line up correctly as I gently dropped from a safe distance of 1mm. It was not the first time I had to do so and I use the same twechnique as I've used in other builds to spread it evenly.I place a very small amount of it near the 4 corners and one at the center of the CPU.

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